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Naptime – Making Every Spot a Napping Spot

Naptime improves alertness, performance and mood by just a 20 minutes nap. It helps you feeling refreshed and prevents you from being cranky. There are EEG receptors in naptime, which detects the activity of your brain and calms you down by pushing appropriate music, helping you to wake up at the right time in your sleep cycle.

Following are some great advantages of naptime:

Personal Sleep DJ: Brainwaves are automatically detected by naptime, type and condition of music is adjusted accordingly. For instance, white noise will be created when you are asleep.

The Eye Mask: Naptime has a comfortable foamy eyeshade which is made of memory foam having temperature sensitive particles. These particles fill up the shape of your face, having 3 dimensional design. Breathable fabric is placed inside this eye mask. The exterior of this eye mask is made of premium leather.

Availability of Nap – Everywhere: By using naptime, you can sleep anywhere and everywhere. Be it in a train, bus, class or office. It lowers stress in your body, enhance your mood and creativity. It is more effective than 200mg of coffee and increases cognitive ability by 40%.

Improves Performance and Health: Performing is greatly enhanced by using naptime. For protecting your heart and maintaining optimum health, a brief nap has more advantages than taking sugary foods, caffeine or other biscuits.

Enhancing your Mood: If you take sufficient amount of sleep, you will surely be the most cheerful person around. Optimum rest could give you a sense of well-being and could improve your interaction with other people.

How Does It Work:

Naptime application uses EEG data to play songs which relax you and put you to sleep. It will start playing white songs when you fall asleep. It picks the best point in your sleep cycle and wake you up feeling refreshed. Naptime also calculates your nap-score and keeps track of duration of your sleep.

Naptime has already crossed the goal with 3 days to spare. With estimated deliveries planned for May 2017, buyers can get an early bird discount from Indiegogo for $139 USD.

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