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“Nadi” is responsible enough to improve your posture


"Nadi" is responsible enough to improve your posture

Wearable Experiments has yet again brainstormed for a new wearable Smart clothing concept. The Sydney based tech company has this time created a wearable named as Nadi. Nadi are perfect fitness tights with a customized language by the company which interacts with the wearer’s skin through specific haptic vibrations.

As soon as the vibration begins, each frequency gets into the shape of the body posture. After analyzing the position, it sends back the feedback to rectify your posture. The company has claimed that the tights are best for “practice and life”. We don’t know what it actually means but by the description and other revealed details, the wearable is suitable for stretching, yoga and pilates etc.

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The tights will synchronize with the help of an Android app. iOS app is still not available. The app will be paired with the tights to monitor and gauge your posture and body alignment based on the movements. The app also recommends you additional positions and other postures to improve your form and flow.

"Nadi" is responsible enough to improve your posture

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Co-founder and CEO of Wearable Experiments, Billie Whitehouse said that,

“Nadi’s real time technology not only acts as that guide, but also integrates into your everyday life”.

There are no price and availability details revealed yet. But the design and the conceptual details are enough to attract us all. Bad posture is the result of increasing muscle spasms and other such problems nowadays. The question here arises is that Nadi is a human built interface aimed to rectify our posture. But, will it really be able to achieve the fitness goals it promises.

"Nadi" is responsible enough to improve your posture

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Ben Moir, co-founder of Wearable Experiments, states that;

“Technology should empower the human experience, not overtake it”. The technology is supposed to “seamlessly integrate with the tights, allowing the beauty and design to take centre stage.”

Nadi is not the only company which is aiming to design such wearable; many famous names like Durex Fundawear, the FOX Alert Shirt, and Navigation Jacket have already proved successful. What are your thoughts in this matter?


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