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MyZone Smart Sports Shirt Is The Next-Gen Heart Rate Monitor

MyZone Sports Shirt Is The Next-Gen Heart Rate Monitor

Do you want to look into your Beats Per Minute or your Heart Rate? MyZone has made that easy! You can now tap into your BPM merged with heart rate just by your training top.

MyZone smart sport shirt is compression top and is a part of new Smart Sports Garments unveiled at the Wearable Tech Show in London. MyZone platform is not new. It has previously launched its MZ-3 heart rate monitoring chest strap in 2015. Moreover, the fitness seeking platform has also designed a connected t-shirt puts with the use of perfect technology.

This time around, the chest strap has been replaced with a training shirt. Instead of clipping the chest strap, the users will simply have to wear the training top. The MZ-3 sensor will be clipped right into it. With the same setup and functioning, MyZone sports bra is also up for the ladies. The new T-shirt has been designed from a quick-drying and sweat-proof fabric. You can either wear it standalone during summers or wear in under the layers of clothing during winters. It is entirely up to you and your fashion statement. The top is also embedded with different electrodes. These electrodes send all your heart data to the sensor module.

MyZone isn’t a complex wearable. The sensor fitted train you and lets you keep your heart rate in optimal. Running, Cycling, Rowing, and Gyming all are supported by it. Any activity which involves vigorous heart pumping is supported by the wearable. For the optimal and positive results, you get points based on your BPM recorded.

The platform not shows you the reading based on your daily scores. However, it studies the different aspect of your training or monitoring over time and lets you know with the help of different color levels. All the colors shown depend on the statistics.

Many more colors are expected to come soon, but currently, the training top is available in Red color. The top is priced at £79.99. The MyZone MZ-3 will set you back £129.99. There’s also a MyZone MZ-50 Watch available for £99.99 that can be paired with the MZ-3 to provide live stats during workouts. SO, are you ready to optimize your workouts with MyZone platform?

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