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MyZone Launches New Fitness Tracking App With Chat And Music Feature For Athletes

MyZone Launches New Fitness Tracking App

MyZone is a famous name in the wearable fitness tech world. The company has been developing different technologies to provide athletes with maximum chances to enhance their health and fitness. The company recently launched MyZone Smart shirt with next gen heart rate monitor for athletes and all. Now, the tech giant has come up with a new app which will help athletes make the most of their training by turning any exercise into a game.

The athlete wears MyZone’s heart rate monitor chest strap or sports bra, and while they work out, the MyZone app displays their heart rate and awards them points based on the effort they are exerting. In this way, athletes can compete against themselves to get the highest score, or can challenge other users to a short or long term contest. The new app also offers users new features like group chats and integrated music capability, as well a polished and intuitive new UX and UI.

The company in its press release has stated that;

“The app was redesigned based on user feedback that the company has been gathering since its last app update a year ago. The app is sleeker and more intuitive, making it easier for users to navigate seamlessly through the different components of the app. The standout feature of the new app is the group chat function. Similar to WhatsApp, the chat feature gives users the ability to group friends, family, and workout buddies into clusters where they can keep in touch about their workouts and goals.”

The new app also adds integration with popular music streaming services like Spotify, Apple Music, and Google’s Play Music. Users no longer have to leave the app to play, pause or change music, allowing them to concentrate on their workout. Additionally, users can now add photos of their training to their social feed within the app. Over the course of the next several months, MYZONE plans to roll out a number of other compelling features, like push notifications designed to promote behavior change.

Emmett Williams, President, and co-founder of MYZONE has stated that,

“At MYZONE, we believe having the support of your community, whether it’s friends, family or co-workers, is a huge factor of success. Our communities not only encourage us to reach our fitness goals, they also hold us accountable when we fall short. We’ve made the chat function central to the new MYZONE App, encouraging users to take advantage of the motivation from people around them.”

What’s more is that MyZone is the only fitness tracking app that is based on the World Health Organization’s Physical Activity Guidelines. It uses a game-based platform and social experience that rewards effort, not fitness, motivating users to work harder regardless of their athletic ability. MYZONE recognizes that every user is different and creates a handicap for every user based on their maximum heart-rate, meaning users can compete with anyone on a level playing field.

Throughout a workout, the effort is measured in MYZONE Effort Points (MEPS) which users earn based on their heart rate during an activity. The versatile system motivates and encourages users to reach their personal bests by earning MEPS for virtually any activity, including running, cycling, rowing, and even horseback riding.

The new MYZONE App is now available for download on iOS devices and will be available on Android this summer.

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