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Myontec’s MBody Is A Symbol Of Healthy LifeStyle for Sportsmen And All

Have you wondered about the pressure you are putting on your muscles while working out? Or, have you ever considered that, while exercising you are emphasizing left and right leg muscle groups equally or not? We have the answer to these questions, too.

Myontec, Finnish Company, has a sports wearables which has made this able. The Mbody system by Myontec has built-in sensors in shorts. The MShorts have a MCell module that plugs into the shorts along with connected app to show you the data.

Myontec's MBody Is A Symbol Of Healthy LifeStyle for Sportsmen And All

MShorts are basically multiple sensors which monitor the electrical activity of the quadriceps and hamstrings in both legs. After collecting the data, it is transmitted to the App; this is where MCell jumps in. MCell can be removes whenever you are washing your shorts. The Bluetooth transfers all the data to the connected app on Android device. And, the remaining accessing function is done by the Mbody Live app.

The app shows all the data of front and back muscle balance for each leg, left and right muscle balance for each leg, muscle balance and the distance and speed ratio etc if the wearer is running. The data while running is calculated with the help of GPS. All the data points to one single thing; which is the core of this wearable. Whether your both legs are equally stronger or not or are the muscles in your both legs working properly. If, by any chance, there is some mishap in your leg than you can adjust your workout accordingly.

Myontec's MBody Is A Symbol Of Healthy LifeStyle for Sportsmen And All

The MShorts users can also access the cloud-based Movescount service. This means that the wearer can also keep up their training and workout diary, create their training programs etc. Moreover, they can also view their past session along with connecting to other Mbody members.

Mbody is not only for athletes or the sportsmen, but for all those who wish to focus on well-being, workout well and want to adopt a healthy lifestyle.

The Mbody setup can be ordered for €770.00 from company’s official website. But you can also check out other product packages too.

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