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mVoice G2: The World’s First Hybrid Smart Watch with Voice and Full Display


Martian mVoice G2 is the most stylish personal assistant you can have. It is a new hybrid timepiece that was recently launched on Kickstarter. It comes from a California based start-up called Martian Watches whose claim to fame is that they created the world’s first smartwatch with voice.

Martian design team aimed to bring a beautiful fusion of traditional watch design and IOT connected devices.  The watch face is claimed to be the first truly hybrid display with both analogue and digital features. For example, the hands move to 3 and 9 position when a notification is received for unobstructed reading and then winds back to the current time when you have read the notification.

The voice part of the watch works in collaboration with Siri for iPhone, Google’s Assistant for all android devices and Amazon’s Alexa for both depending on whichever smartphone the user has. mVoice G2 uses a smart crown to navigate through notifications and you can select a default face to which users can Quick Jump to by pushing the lower watch button.

With easy access of voice assistants, users can now order products from Amazon via Alexa, request an Uber or Lyft and control smart home devices with their voice. mVoice G2 has an extended battery life which allows users 2 hours of talk time, 7 hours of smart features usage and 60 days of watch movement runs.

mVoice G2 also allows users to select preference for 4-5 groups, contacts or apps notifications with their own dedicated LED light. It also allows users to control their phones’ camera shutter and trigger it with the push of a crown. The watch is also completely interchangeable straps with quick release mechanism.

You can pre-order this watch from here. The estimated delivery time is May 2018.

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