MuscleSound Will Help Kansas City Royals’ Athletes To Train


Muscle strength and fatigue have also been important in gauging the performance of the athletes. Therefore, many different wearables have been used by the players to improve their performance and muscle strength. However, to make monitoring the muscle strength and the measurement of the muscle glycogen levels have been lot easier due to MuscleSound.

MuscleSound, a Denver-based technology, helps in empowering the athletes while playing and helps to fight against injuries. Injuries risk and the potential chances of an athlete getting injured are gauged by cloud-based software, MuscleHealth.

MuscleSound Will Help Kansas City Royals' Athletes To Train

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MuscleSound has already made a sound improvement in the athletic world. The company, along with its device, has proved its worth in the athletic community. It has already partnered with three NCAA programs including Oregon State, University of Colorado, and University of South Carolina. However, this week again, the company announced a new partnership with 2015 World Series Champion, Kansas City Royals.

MuscleSound will introduce its power of measuring the capacity of a muscle to generate, store and replenish energy to the City Royals. Glycogen levels are important to gauge because it helps in competing at the biggest levels. The portable, high-frequency ultrasound technology will send data to team trainers, in seconds, giving them how the knowledge on how to further train their players.

MuscleSound Will Help Kansas City Royals' Athletes To Train

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Nick Kenney, Head Athletic Trainer of the Kansas City Royals stated:

“With MuscleSound we are able to take the guesswork out of the fueling and recovery process. The technology allows us to measure glycogen levels in seconds and assess injury risk by finding indications of overtraining and possible muscle damage. With that data, we then develop a customized nutritional and training plan for every player to ensure positive change in performance and injury reduction, and minimize recovery or time not playing due to injuries.”

MuscleSound chairman, Stephen Kurtz, with regards to the partnership stated:

“We are thrilled to work with the reigning world championship team, Kansas City Royals. By enabling the team to understand the nutritional needs of each player in real-time, they not only maximize the ROI of nutritional plans but also of the players. We are confident that with MuscleSound, the Royals will see notable results in injury reduction and optimized performance.”

MuscleSound Will Help Kansas City Royals' Athletes To Train

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MuscleSound has already partnered with many teams before and has proved its worth. Regardless of the present technologies which it makes it quite difficult to measure the muscle glycogen content, MuscleSound gives the readings in the easiest way possible.

The operating system works almost like an ultrasound. The operator will move the device back and forth across the muscles around three or four times. After this, glycogen levels can begin to be determined and information such as glycogen storage capabilities, reaction to nutrition plans and the overall health of a muscle can be determined.

MuscleSound Will Help Kansas City Royals' Athletes To Train

What’s amazing about this process is that this whole procedure takes less than sixty seconds. Yes, sixty seconds! Not even a whole minute.

MuscleSound with all its capabilities is really helpful in sports and helps athletes on many different fronts. Adopting this technology in different sports will help athletes and sports professionals stay fit, injury less and perform better during the games.