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A wearable to monitor Muscle Oxygen saturation


Moxy-Monitor-DeviceThe Moxy Muscle Oxygen Monitor, a sports wearable designed for athletes to monitor muscle oxygen saturation (SmO2) accurately. Before we go further on the device, lets understand what Sm02 really is and how it benefits athletes.

SmO2 stands for muscle oxygen saturation. It is the percentage of hemoglobin that is carrying oxygen in muscle tissue. Hemoglobin is the molecule in red blood cells that actually carries oxygen from the lungs to where it is needed in the body. Hemoglobin responds to chemical signals to drop off oxygen where it is needed. Hemoglobin’s most common states are oxy and de-oxy. The measurement of SmO2 takes place in the capillaries of the muscle. This is where the oxygen is being consumed. SmO2 can be thought of as a measure of the balance between demand increases, but the heart hasn’t had a chance to speed up, and the blood vessels in the muscle haven’t dilated. The SmO2 drops quickly in these conditions. As you warm up, your heart rate increases, and the blood vessels in the muscle dilate to 2 levels. When you stop exercising, the demand for oxygen suddenly falls, but the heart rate is still elevated and blood vessels dilated. At this time, a rapid increase in SmO2 is observed. Generally, higher levels of exertion in the muscle lead to lower SmO2. The SmO value is also affected by other factors such as the hemoglobin dissociation curve shifting and other chemical and neurological factors.

The wearable emits light diodes and photo detectors to create spectrometer that makes Muscle Oxygen measurement possible. The device also contains memory to store data and transmitter to send real-time data. According the Moxy Monitor website, it weights less than 40 grams (1.4 oz) and is fully water proof thus making it suitable for almost all sorts of sports such as rugby, motocross riding, football and swimming pool.

There are several applications and apps that can be used to monitor the data from Moxi Montor. These include famous software Peripedal, Ipbike, Zeropace, Sportstracks and Garmin Connect IQ however, depending on the software or the app, features may be limited.

If you are still not convinced on trying this out, you may want to watch this video by Moxy Monitor:


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