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MotusPro body wearable sensor for baseball lovers!

MotusPro body wearable sensor for baseball lovers!

The Sports are developing and changing rapidly. The advancement in technology and the increase of the wearable effects in sports have also marked the beginning of new era. Hence, sports industry has been over-powered by the wearable world. From cricket to football to badminton, wearable tech is ruling us.

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We saw the intervention of tech in NBA and NFL leagues. Now, baseball players have the chance to benefit from the wearable technology too. A US company, Motus, whose suo motto is to deal with bio-mechanical analysis of human beings in different situations has claimed that it has found a way to enhance the strength of baseball players by unprecedented speed.

Motus has designed a full body sensor which will provide instant data analysis for both pitcher and the batter during the crispy match. The sensor will also guide you to improve techniques and to minimize the chances of injuries.

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The MotusPro technology has been well-fitted with six different motions sensors. The sensors can be internally adjusted in cleats, batting gloves or compression shirts. All of these needs to be custom fitted according to our choice. The fitting of the sensor is actually a tough task to do.

After you have worn your clothing which supports the sensors, you will be able to save and record millions of data points per throw and swing. You and your coach can later analyze your performance and methods. You can witness your batting techniques and high speed throws give you metrics on hitting motion, bat speed and explosive speeds etc.

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Through the connected iOS app, you can view the data sent by Bluetooth. If you want more detailed perspective about your activities, than go to the MotusPro web portal. On the portal’s dashboard you can fill up to 100 metrics compared to just the eight reserved for the mobile app. The sensors can save up to 80MB of data.

MotusPro is an exciting and promising new invention. The device will analyze your workload and will prevent you from throws which can cause serious injuries. Thus, apart from evaluating your performance, Pro also guarantees you sound heath.

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No details regarding the price and launch have been revealed yet. We can expect this new Baseball sensor technology to be expensive; comparing the standards company has been giving us through its technologies.


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