Home Sports Baseball motusBASEBALL System With Biomechanics Technology Finally Available!

motusBASEBALL System With Biomechanics Technology Finally Available!

motusBASEBALL System With Biomechanics Technology Finally Available!

motusBASEBALL System With Biomechanics Technology Finally Available!

We have already discussed MotusPro, body wearable sensor for baseball lovers. The sensor provides instant data analysis for both pitcher and the batter during the crispy match. motusBASEBALL system from Motus Global is now available to bring Biomechanics Technology to Baseball Consumers.

A world leader in biomechanics announces the availability of first sensor system for batting and throwing:

Long Island, NY—March 30, 2016:

Motus Global, a world leader in biomechanics and sensor technology, announced on March 30 that its newest consumer product, motusBASEBALL is now available for purchase. The motusBASEBALL system is the first sensor system of its kind and offers baseball players the ability to measure both throwing and batting mechanics, all in one device. The motusBASEBALL system provides the industry’s most accurate, reliable data and is scientifically validated. The validation is based on work Motus has done at its lab with MLB franchises, teams, and athletes from the NFL, NBA, FIFA, and Olympics since 2010.

Dr. Glenn Fleisig, Research Director at American Sports Medicine Institute and consultant for Major League Baseball, PitchSmart, Little League Baseball, as well as a Board Member at Motus said,

“For the past thirty years, I have dedicated my research to understanding and preventing baseball injuries. We’ve made great strides from pitch count limits to pitching biomechanics.” Dr. Fleisig continued,” Unfortunately, until now, biomechanics has been limited to pro and elite amateur players. I’m extremely excited to have worked on the development of motusBASEBALL, which I see as a revolutionary tool for all players, parents, and coaches to monitor safety and optimize performance.”

The motusTHROW application relies on the Motus sensor being worn in a compression sleeve on the throwing forearm. In the app, the focus is placed on measuring peak stress on the UCL during every throw and uses Motus’ proprietary workload algorithm to help pitchers avoid overuse injuries. The UCL is the ligament that can tear and lead to Tommy John surgery, epidemic plaguing baseball players of all levels.

The motusBATTING platform works with the sensor being placed in a clip on the lead batting glove. This application focuses on helping batters become complete hitters in all nine hitting zones. With the sensor on the lead batting glove, the app can extract powerful metrics like Bat Speed, Bat RPM, and Hand Speed, alongside the ability to automatically detect which zone contact is made in. The app also comes with additional features like video capture, video sharing, drill creating and sharing, leaderboards and the ability to connect to multiple teams and coaches.

CEO of Motus Global, Joe Nolan, stated;

“I am proud of our team and how they were able to take the feedback we received from mThrow and implement the enhancements into motusTHROW. It has the potential to be the biggest technological advancement baseball has ever seen. I’m equally as excited about motusBATTING. We held off on releasing a product for batters until we had one that had been scientifically validated and delivered accurate metrics on every swing. Our goal in creating this product has always been to make the motusBASEBALL system the best available on the market and we’ve accomplished that.”

The motusBASEBALL platform arrives with a new suite of mobile applications and interfaces, as well as brand new, industry-leading wearable sensors and apparel. The wearable sensors are best-in-class rated sensors for measuring high-speed movements, with 6-axis measurement capacities of +/- 4000 degrees per second and +/- 24 g’s. The sensors sample data at high rates (1000 Hz) and have live mode streaming capabilities via Bluetooth Smart, as well as an offline mode where the sensors can store up to 450 throws or swings between syncing.

Motus has also released its motusPRO system to its MLB Partners. This system allows Motus to recreate biomechanical skeletal data and provide custom feedback through their proprietary physics engine wherever an athlete trains and competes. The PRO system has broken down the walls of the Motus Lab using a five sensor wearable system and the Company plans to launch a consumer version of the motusPRO System later this year.

motusBASEBALL is now available for purchase for $150 from here.


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