Sunday, September 24, 2023

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Moov launches extremely accurate HR sweatband and HR Burn

These days, wrist bands which tells about your heart rate are being launched all over. They have sensors embedded but their accuracy still remains questionable. Moov is a company which has constantly taken a different approach towards activity tracking. The outfit has now come out with HR Burn, which is a heart rate monitoring chest strap. It joins the EKG-accurate HR sweat, which was announced in October.

HR Burn will be available from mid of March and HR Sweat is due to start shipping any day now. The third generation trackers are built on the advanced 3D motion tracking and real time audio coaching functionality of Moov’s other devices. HR Burn and HR Sweat take this a step further by addition of technology in order to monitor your heart rate.

According to Moov, their company wants to enable everyone to get the most of their workouts and to have accurate heart rate measurement. For Moov, accuracy is of foremost importance. The team at Moov has discovered the best combination of technology and placement for evaluating the most accurate read on pulse in the form of Moov HR.

The more fascinating of the two is HR Sweat. Tracker is embedded in swim cap or sweatband to get more accurate pulse reading than from your chest or wrist. That data is then relayed to the smartphone app which provides real time feedback and coaching based on your heart rate. It uses technology that is not too dissimilar to wrist based heart rate sensors. Tracker has LED light to brighten skin and calculate changes in light absorption. Perfusion of blood which occurs as blood pulses through body affects the amount of light absorbed by the tissue.

Battery is is expected to be of six hours of continuous use and in terms of design, the sensor slips into a sweat-absorbent headband.

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