Moov HR Is A Trainer In Gym And A Life-saver In Pool

From water to gym, you need not to worry!


Moov doesn’t need an introduction; it has been making waves in the wearable world since its inception. It is now back with Moov HR– a wearable worn on the head to track the heart rate.

According to the company, Moov HR is the world’s most compatible Heart Rate Monitor. Based on the original concept of Moov and the Moov Now, the HR also has a small sensor which is circular in shape. The sensor is affixed in a very small silicone case that is put inside a swimming cap or sweatband to be worn easily. There is also an optical sensor which makes the use of light-based technology found in high-end devices.

Moov HR Is A Trainer In Gym And A Life-saver In Pool

Moov has used headband as a source to measure heart rate, this time, in order to improve the quality and the accuracy of the data provided. As stated by the company, the higher positioning of the sensor around the temples makes it easier to get the proper readings as the skin is thinner than the other parts.

Moov HR is largely recommended for the intensity interval training (HIIT) workouts; as the main focus of such exercises pushes the heart rate zones. The activities that are the major focus for heart rate tracking on this up and coming wearable include cycling, running, cardio boxing and all the other exercises and games which focus on performing body weight circuits. The swimmers can also use the wearable by using Moov HR with a silicone cap. The users can also get a proper insight into their training and workout sessions with the help of AI-powered real-time coaching.

Moov HR Is A Trainer In Gym And A Life-saver In Pool

Moov HR has a battery life of around 6 hours on continuous use and a week if not being used frequently. There is a compatible Moov app, but other fitness and health apps can also be used through the help of third party applications.

Moov HR can prove itself to be a great wearable for athletes who want to train like a pro in gym and pool. If provided with accurate data, this wearable will be capable of changing fitness and health. It is up for pre-order $59.95 from the Moov website.