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Monkii 360: Heavy Duty Resistance Training Device Designed for Busy Individuals

Not finding time is not unusual specially for anyone who has to go through that tough 9 to 5 routine. Things like Gym, early morning walk and exercise are always on our to do list but those are the boxes that rarely get checked.

Considering this problem, a smart device has been developed by a group of engineers which advertises itself using these words: “Science-backed, dynamic resistance trainer that makes you strong and saves you time”

This smart device, called Monkii 360, is developed specially to arrange intense but short sessions of workout for people with busy schedules. A mobile phone application accompanies Moonkii 360 and together they help you in getting stronger, losing your weight, improving your cardio, building your core and maintaining balance.

To use Monkii 360, all you need to do is attach it to a door and choose a type of workout routine you need to follow. There are a bunch of different kinds of bungees present, each special for a specific work routine. Its grips are designed exclusively to stimulate different types of muscles. Users follow a routine of 20 seconds of intense bursts of exercise which leads to a resting period of 10 seconds and this entire routine takes not more than 4 minutes out of your busy and intense time schedules.

The smartphone application that accompanies Monkii 360 displays precisely what you need to do and how you are supposed to do it. It also brings different programs with it which in turn raises the level of your form and fitness.

Monkii 360 has been successful in raising more than five hundred thousand dollars in its Kickstarter campaign. This fact becomes more impressive when you get to know that it still has few weeks left in its campaign. If all goes according to plan in production, the delivery of this gadget is expected to start as soon as spring of 2020.

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