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Monitor concussion real-time with Jolt Sensor sports wearable

Jolt Sensor is a sports wearable with an aim to reduce concussions and make sports safer. This small piece of wearable device can be clipped to any type of headgear such as a helmet. Once operational, it send real-time data to a connected smart device to provide concussion impact. The app will also assess the athlete sideline directly and provide a valuable insight immediately to the coach and fitness team.
Concussions happen in every sport. That’s why Jolt Sensor works for all of them

Jolt seems to have some nice features. First being small and we guess lightweight, it can fit in nicely without distracting the player. Secondly, it promises an always listening feature to detect impact and filter out any false alert. Thirdly, the real-time capability of sending signal followed by a 200 yard range and a long battery life (one month).

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Furthermore, not only is this tracker a real-time monitoring device but it gives insight and trends to improve their approach and help athletes and players recover.

 Finally, the price. Jolt Sensor is only $99 USD and can be purchased directly from their website.


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