Wednesday, February 8, 2023

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Misfit Shine 2- A lavish fashion addition to your smarthome


Misfit Synchro made a dashing entry into the wearable world nearly two months ago. The wearable was launched in synchronization with Speedo.

The dramatic launch of such lavishing device gave us an insight to Misfits’ plan for fashionable as well as healthy future.

Again, a couple of weeks ago, the company launched its new wearable sensor wonder- the Misfit Shine 2. The Shine 2 is a successor of popular Misfit Shine. Shine 2 has an elegant and graceful appearance along with mysterious yet dominating new feature which can just as smartly control your “smart” home.

Misfit Shine 2 also has a fitness and sleep monitor; but it works better than the previous version. The measurements of the new device are more accurate. It also includes features like newly added magnetometer with three-axis, and a three-axis accelerometer too.

Shine 2 also has an entirely new, crystal clear, LED display. The vibration engine is also placed inside the display, which both will give you more proper and timed alerts on your smartphone through the help of new LEDs.

A new activity tracker is also a part of Misfit Shine 2. But, the appearance and the powerful functioning is enough to warn rivals. Shine’s activity tracker is quite pleasant to look. The body, which is made of aircraft-grade aluminum, is slimmer and thus the features are built nicely into it. The 8 mm tracker can either be attached with a wristband or clipped on a shoe or belt.

Misfit’s Director of Mechanical Design, Adam Mack, said that;

We’ve packed a lot into Shine 2, adding more functionality into an even smaller form factor with the same battery life and we didn’t compromise on craftsmanship or the user experience.”

The touch responsiveness of Misfit Shine 2 has been updated with capacitive sensing technology. Similarly, the addition of simply extended Bluetooth range and the extra fast syncing has also charmed the hardware and firmware entirely.


The little innovative changes have completely changed the outlook of the device. It can now operate your home too. It implies that if you sync Shine 2 with the Misfit Link, the activity tracker will be converted into a remote. Apart from this, you will have complete control over the device. You can easily turn your lights on, with a single button press or take pictures or just simply change your music. All of the activities can be done just with a double tap.

The Shine 2 offers range of features but still it has whooping six month battery life. The device is also water resistant and holds the same rating as its predecessor.

The tracker is up on for $99 (£79). The color options include Rose Gold and Carbon Black. Misfit Shine 2 will also be available on by the end of this month.

Kainaat Maqbool
The writer is a student of journalism, pursuing her passion for writing. She is an avid reader and wants to be a novel writer or a fashion editor someday!

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