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Misfit Flash Cyclist Edition lets you enjoy cycling for cheap

Misfit Flash Cyclist Edition lets you enjoy cycling, cheap

This year has really been lucky for Misfit. With its fitness trackers, activity trackers, and fashion edition series, the company has somewhat been ruling us. Misfit range was most probably associated with health and fitness tracking on most centers. The sports have not been the major focus of the company.


Eventually, Misfit has embarked another tracker towards us before the end of this year. But, this time the tracker is not aimed at fitness enthusiasts, finally! The tracker is to help all the people leading their lives on two wheels. The Misfit Flash has been converted into the exclusive tracker for cyclists called “The Flash Cyclist Edition”.

Misfit Flash Cyclist Edition lets you enjoy cycling, cheap

The new wearable for cyclists contains the mainstream sleep and activity tracking. Wait, what has sleep tracking anything to do with cycling? I don’t know too. Apart from the usual tracking option, it has a specific cadence sensor. This unique addition makes the wearable more bike-friendly. The device also has a clip holder which is same as the one in Flash Link. You can strap the wearable to your shoes while cycling and can also use the well-known apps like Wahoo, Strava, iBiker and MapMyRide.

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The Flash Cyclist Edition has a dedicated new app called Misfit Cyclist app for both Android and iOS. The app collects all the important information like speed, acceleration, distance and RPMs. The phone GPS is also used to store all the basic riding routes.

Misfit Flash Cyclist Edition lets you enjoy cycling for cheap

Apart from some of the changes added to give the tracker a cycling touch, other features are relatively same. The Flash Edition is water resistant up to 30 meters. It is also powered by a coin cell battery which can work up to whole six months. You can also tap into the Smart features to take a selfie, turn the lights off or control the background music.


The Flash Cyclist Edition can be ordered from Misfit’s website for mere $50. The tracker is good plus cheap for all those who love cycling.


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