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Mio Global And FieldWiz Partner For Better Sports Tracking

Mio Global And FieldWiz Partner For Better Sports Tracking

And, today we have news relating to the striking partnership between two well-known firms. FieldWiz, a strategy and physical performance measuring tool for outdoor team sports players, and Mio Global, a producer of wearable heart-rate monitor technology, have partnered to produce an effective result. Both the companies intend to produce a wearable which will help athletes and coaches of different sports to get an insight into the performance of the players.

Both the companies want to produce a wristband by combining the power of the technologies available to them. The enhanced software and hardware will help users get important data to improve their heath, strength, and train well.

Mio Global champions in measuring the heart rate data of the players. On the other hand, FieldWiz used a device strapped on the back of the players and collected helpful data for athletes with the help of its software. However, both of the companies have partnered and understood the significance of wearing lightweight devices with better data and result.

Mio Global And FieldWiz Partner For Better Sports Tracking

The sports technology produced by the partnership will be waterproof and sports resistant. With the help of this technology, a number of players around the globe playing different sports will be able to see their heart rate comfortably and accurately through their wrists only. Moreover, the FieldWiz’s powerful GPS tracking and software will monitor distance, speed, and acceleration of players on the field.

The wearable, in order to improve the performance of the athletes, will collect the data without any pause. The data will be collected in a single place so that the players can analyze their strategies and check their physical performance. The users will be able to compare metrics like heart rate, maximum velocity, and areas covered on the field (heat-mapping) to improve training.

 Liz Dickinson, Founder, and CEO of Mio Global, commented:

“We are excited to partner with FieldWiz to provide an accurate wrist-based wearable as an alternative hardware solution to heart rate monitor chest straps. By combining Mio Heart Rate Technology with this innovative strategy analysis and physical performance measuring tool, athletes will now be able to train comfortably, while still acquiring the data needed to analyze sessions and improve performance.”

Mio Global and FieldWiz, if able to fulfill their word, are gearing up towards the device which will be really helpful for all the players and sports professionals. The advanced heart rate tracking will allow all the players to keep a check on their heart rate and will make them improve as a team.

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