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Military Considering Gathering COVID Information from Wearables


Air Force is looking for the quickest way to find and track their personnel having COVID-19 and their for this reason exactly, almost 10,000 units of smart wearables devices are being proposed to be bought by service’s innovation shop. These smart wearables will track the data and monitor the activity of the wearer and notify them if they show any symptoms of being infected with the virus.

AFWERX has extended its hand towards the Office of Joint Surgeon General for collaboration in order to speed up the innovation and look for smart wearable devices available to the commercial consumer and have support for Pandemic Case Management Suite. These devices could be used to provide the early data to the commanders in case of infection. This would obviously give more time to the concerned authorities in taking plan ahead and take decisions.

Location of the user or any kind of sensitive personal information will not be stored by these 10,000 units of smart wearables. These devices are also supposed to work inside secure protected spaces. These devices should also be capable of sharing their gathered information with other gadgets as well, as well as Air Force toolset and third-party integrator.

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“The Department of Defense seeks rapid, accurate wearable solutions to identify and isolate pre-symptomatic COVID-19 cases and help track and prevent the spread of the virus,” Commander Christopher Steele, “Wearable technologies, valuable data metrics and potentially rapid scaling solutions for broad availability, create ideal conditions for military and industry partnerships in the consumer wearables space.” He serves the Military Operational Medicine Research Program as its Director at United States Medical Research and Development Command. He gave this statement while responding to the FitBit Award.

FitBit was awarded 2.5 million US dollars by USAMRDC back in last month to aid it in the development of smart wearables for the early detection of COVID-19 based on its symptoms.

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