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Mevics: A Wearable To Correct Your Posture And Physical Activity

In the recent times, people are ought to adopt relatively sedentary lifestyles majorly due to virtue of their work nature at offices, schools and home alike. For the same cause, 80% people report to suffer from spinal issues arising from posture and physical activities.

To combat these problems and to emphasis on importance of healthy spine during daily activities, the wearable Mevics has been created to present a solution. This miracle gadget, Mevics, is a one-stop solution to maintain a healthy lifestyle and stay in shape. This wearable makes sure the user keeps a perfect posture and breathing, working as an essential source for both athletes and people at work, schools and homes making it great for each and every area of life.

Mevics has a minimalist design that is suitable for all types of outfits which can be picked from one of the two available colors, i.e., black and white. The device is neat and simple to wear and carry along.

Mevics ensure correct posture and breathing. For people involved in sports, it helps monitoring activity, steps, and calorie count. It provides to be an excellent source in children’s growth and development by developing a habit of straight sitting and avoiding any spine curvatures.

It comes with an app to interact in the best possible way with your smartphones where we can easily manage and keep a track of our activities by consulting the smart phone compatible app, where the data is presented in the form of understandable statistics, and also control the device alongside. Good thing Mevics also gives smart notification and reminders making itself even more user friendly.

This rather interesting device is all set to achieve new benchmarks by its super-efficient features that carries health, fitness and style side-by-side.

Anoosha Iqbal
A medic-in-making by day, an enthusiast for crazy side projects by night.

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