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Mettis Trainer Insoles Are A Solution For Happy Feet Of Athletes

Many wearables made a debut at CES, 2016. Among many awe-striking wearables for sports we saw, Smart shoes too. All Smart shoes had different core point and different area of expertise, but all had one main focus; to track as best as they can.

The problem with the Smart Shoes is that they can be used for a limited time period. Once the shoe has completed its active duration, you cannot use the costly tracking sensors and place them in other shoes. However, Mettis Trainer has finally got a way around.

Mettis Trainer Insoles Are A Solution For Happy Feet Of Athletes

Mettis Trainer has built all the sensors into the removable insole. It means that all you have to do is to replace insole from this shoe or that one. The insoles have thin strip with three flexible potentiometers inside it. The potentiometers have been named by the company as BendSensor. There are two more BendSensor on the front of the foot and around heel.

The Potentiometers are few inches in length. Along the length of the potentiometers, the sensors can easily detect the area where pressure and force is being applied. With the help of BendSensors fitted in the Insole you can detect your pattern of weight shifting in any activity and in any pair of shoes.

Mettis Trainers are lightweight, around 60gm, and can be used for any sports. The athletes and multiple game players would be able to change the Insoles to their different game shoes, whenever they want. The Trainers are meant for all sports, but Mettis is currently developing an app for Golfers. It is hoped that other sports apps would be launched soon.

Mettis Trainer Insoles Are A Solution For Happy Feet Of Athletes

Mettis is also launching an API for the insoles, so that you can use the collected data with the other fitness apps too. The Mettis Trainer is a new idea but definitely not intriguing much. However, the scope of the footwear is what attracts most of the users. Athletes are mostly accustomed to play multiple sports and using different tracking shoes for different games, are not convenient. As soon as Mettis announce diverse apps, the fan base for the insoles would automatically increase.

The battery of the insoles can work for 12 hours of continuous use. They can be up once again, after 4 hours of wireless charging. Mettis Trainer is available for pre-order for $199. The shipment is expected to start from second quarter.

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