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Meet The World’s Most Intelligent Wearable – LEO!

LEO is an intelligent sports wearable device with the aim to make the wearer’s fitter than ever. The device optimizes your workouts and reduces the chances of injuries and any other health obstructions. The intelligent wearable integrates bio-signal monitoring technology with the capabilities of all the best fitness wearables, measuring: muscle activity, fatigue, heart rate, lactic acid, hydration, calories, technique, and much more.

Meet The World's Most Intelligent Wearable-LEO!

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The device is capable of translating all the complex data collected into simple and readable report represented to you. The data is collected within real time and is sent to the wearer if there is any mishap or bad news.

LEO, as mentioned above, extracts all the important data from your body and provides you with a complete insight on your physiology, health, and performance. It refines the knowledge and sent timely analysis and notifications. LEO has four different, intelligent sensors. It can distinguish when you are cheating by clipping your fitness tracker into any other product. It puts that knowledge to good use, quantifying and analyzing everything from technique deficiencies to lactic acid accumulation in your muscles.

Meet The World's Most Intelligent Wearable-LEO!
Comparison Of LEO With The Other Fitness Wearables Available Today!

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By providing you real time data, the wearable also alerts you about any potential injuries. LEO uses predictive algorithms to warn about oncoming injuries and suggests ways that they can be avoided. The connected LEO app and other features are really helpful too with features like social connection etc.

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