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Matrix PowerWatch 2 Launched Across US and UK Market

The Matrix PowerWatch 2 was launched earlier last month in United States and Great Britain. This came right after a successful campaign on Indiegogo that helped them raise more than 2 million dollars. Most impressive feature of this smartwatch is that it supposedly never needs to charge.

Nobody ever like to go through the hassle of charging their electronics and it may even be the most annoying part of owning electronics. No matter how good the battery is or how little charge it needs, it will need a charge sooner or later. It gets even more annoying when it comes to accessories like fitness trackers and smart watches. Considering all this, a startup has developed a product with an aim of connecting charging cable to your smart watches an obsolete and archaic concept.

A crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo was set up to bring the concept of Matrix PowerWatch to life. This campaign managed to raise 1.6 million US Dollars in 2017 alone. The company introduced PowerWatchX in 2018’s CES. Both of these smartwatches are charged by the heat of the body of the wearer. A circular indicator around the display of the watch shows the power being generated by you and how much power does the watch has left in its tank.

One concern regarding the original PowerWatch was that it was being sold at a comparatively higher price as compared to the specs it was offering. There was no smartphone notifications support available either. All in all, the watch eventually ended up just being a demonstration of possibilities. The second generation of this smartwatch showed more promise with the introduction of smartphone notifications support, a stronger build and an almost indestructible rubber strap made out of silicone.

The startup has stepped up its game with the introduction of Solar Cells on top of thermoelectric cells as well.  This means it gets its juice from both, ambient light and body heat. With this addition, possibility to introduce GPS connectivity was also added. Other sensors and specs like heart rate sensor, colourful Display LCD and Compass also made their way into the Matrix PowerWatch 2 as well. It can be purchased online from Amazon. With its growth in specs, it is a much serious contender in market as compared to its predecessors.

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