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Marlin is a Wearable for Swimmers that provide real-time audio feedback using Bone Conduction Technology

There are many wearables for swimmers out in the market already but this Hong Kong based startup Playtsens has developed a new product, Marlin that sends you voice feedback using a bone conduction headset. It is considered to be the first wearable designed for underwater to use this technology. Using bone conduction technology sounds is transmitted through the bone to your inner ear.

The physical wearable is attached to the user goggle strap at the back of the head and the second piece to the ear piece.


Marlin comes in two different edition. One designed for outdoor open water and second designed for indoor pool. The outdoor open water edition comes with a GPS whereas the indoor one does not include a GPS.

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In the outdoor edition, swimmers can map the swim course using an accompanying app. Marlin then ensures you stay on course and navigates you to the destination. In the indoor edition, Marlin counts the number of laps and lap time. Along with it, both the variants are packed with standard features such as speed, time split from fixed distance, total swim distance and duration.

Marlin waterproof rating is IPX8 which makes it safer to use up to 1.5 meters below the surface for up to 30 minutes. The battery life varies on the edition. The GPS enabled one will last 5 hours whereas the non-GPS one will give 10 hours of life.

Marlin will be retailed for $150 USD however, you can order now via Kickstarter for as low as $62. The delivery is estimated in few months time.

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