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Market of Sports Technology Expected to Expand at more than 20% CARG


Experts believe that the market of sports technology will cross the $31.1 Billion mark by the year 2024.

A research guide has been published about the information regarding sports technology. This information includes a thorough discussion about various aspects of this market including top competitors of this market, segmentation of market by types and classes, division of this market based the demand and application around different regions of the world. Forecasts of the market, the opportunity for growth the status of sports technology major players in market and other affecting factors are focused heavily in this report.

By the end of year 2018, the market of sport technology was worth around $9 Billion dollars but this figure is expected to increase around times by the end of year 2024. Experts believe that the market can be worth $31.1 billion and may be even more with growth at 20.63% CARG during these next five to six years.

IBM, Cisco, Ericsson, SAP, Fujitsu, NEC, Oracle, Samsung, Sharp, LG, FitBit, Garmin, Apple, Sony, Activision Blizzard, Panasonic, Tencent, Modern Times Group and CJ corporation are some of the major competitors in this side of the market with a lot of other emerging players shaking things up from time to time.

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“Sports analytics market is expected to grow at a very high pace during the forecast period”

Development is technology has revolutionized all kinds of industries and sport technology is no exception. It has enabled all the organizations to take bold steps and make impressive decisions to stay with the trends of the market. All these bold steps have contributed a lot in the growth of this market.  Innovations like smart stadiums, futuristic training and coaching equipment are the products of these bold steps. North America holds the largest chunk of this market all thanks to rapid growth In technology and fierce competition between the sports organization.