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Mangos Smart Ring Is A Clever Protection For Ladies

Mangos Smart Ring Is A Clever Protection For Ladies

We told you about the Ericsson’s wearable trend report a few times ago which stated that wearable panic/ SOS buttons are the most looked after wearable. This is now clear that personal safety is the latest fad in the wearable tech world. Due to this, the smart jewelry has also incorporated tactics to save people. All alert, Mangos Smart Ring is headed our way!

Mangos, with protection in mind, is a Smart ring ought to make it easier for the women to caught attention and to raise the voice when the feel unprotected or in danger. The ring works similar to the other safety wearables or panic buttons available nowadays. Mangos Smart Ring also doubles as a button which the wearer can press in case of safety related emergency.

As soon as the user will press the button, there will be a vibrating buzz on the phone indicating that the ring has been activated. After being activated, a customized SOS text message will be sent to your friends. Additionally, a map will also be linked representing your location so that the text receivers can respond to your plea and send you an instant help.

The three second Mangos activation means that you should confirm that the alert has not been sent by mistake or an accident. In the case of mistake, the user has a chance to cancel the alert within 30 seconds with the help of an app.

Mangos Smart Ring Is A Clever Protection For Ladies

The most important aspect of the Smart ring is that it differs from all the other panic buttons and wearables available in form factor. There are a tiny computer and even Bluetooth module which are responsible for communication with the phone, but still the ring has about the same radius as that of a dime. Isn’t that great?

The Mangos Smart Ring has also been designed in various sizes, so you can look for your perfect fit too. The ring is water resistible so rain and dish washing would do no harm. Coming to the battery, the Smart ring can work up to four hundred activations without any charge. The ring will remain passive when not in use.

Mangos Smart Ring is going to appear on Kickstarter for crowdfunding on 21 June. The company wishes to raise up to 30,000 to make the first run of production possible. The details regarding production and shipment aren’t available yet, but an early pledge will let you get the ring for $65 only.

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