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Major Sports Events 2021 – What to look forward to?

What are the major Sports Events 2021 – What to look forward to? A lot of sports events had been organized and planned for 2020. Unfortunately, the Covid-19 pandemic either delayed or cancelled off the events altogether!

Now again 2021 calls for new plans and setups, as vaccines are now in markets and the process of its application already begun in many countries across the globe. Here are a few major events planned for this upcoming year:



Scheduled for July 2021, the entire world has its eyes upon this major event. The 32nd Olympics will take place in Tokyo, Japan and around 11000 athletes from 200 countries are expected to participate. Japan was the host way back in 1964 and now after a period of five decades, the same venues will be used again.

UEFA Champions League, Istanbul

This league has been postponed because of the outbreak but now chances are that it might happen in the middle round of this year. The officials and organizers were unwilling to take the league forward due to the on going pandemic. Recently, the grapevine has it that the matches have been schedules again.


Masters World Snooker Championship

The Masters World Snooker Championship is to be coming up in the upcoming months very soon. Alongside, we will have the BetVictor German Masters and Gibraltar Open. Something all snooker fans will be excited to watch.


IIHF World Championships

The IIHF World Championships are to be held in the summers of 2021. While Canada and US are top favourites, chances are that the odds may change for these teams. Sports fans around the world are waiting for their favourite teams to gear up an exciting tournament.


National European Championships

The National European Championships are to take place in June and July 2021. With a total of 24 teams from different European states, the matches will take place in 12 different locations. With major sports teams like Belgium, France and Germany, the competition is really going to be a tough one!

So these were the major Sports Events 2021 to be held hopefully in these coming months. Lets all hope they occur as scheduled and that the world is able to witness these exciting tournaments as they happen.


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