MAGICOACH – The 1st Football GPS with Mobile App

Take Football to a completely new level with MAGICOACH


MAGICOACH - The 1st Football GPS with Mobile App

Have you ever imagined that you could have tactical and physical statistics of your game? Analyse your heatmaps as the ones you see on TV Broadcasting and compare them with your friends, your team and with Elite players like Ronaldo and Messi? Be one of the first football (soccer) players worldwide to have this experience out of the professional clubs. Well you can freely think of it now as; Magicoach is the 1st football GPS wearable with Professional analytics.

Magicoach has come as the beacon of hope for all those players who dream of finding their analytics in par to the professional players. The affordable wearable along with the app makes it easier for the football and soccer players to check their analytics and improve them.

MAGICOACH - The 1st Football GPS with Mobile App

The app comes with an abundance of features which helps to find the field positional heat maps, Gamestlye classification (Combative, Box-to-box, Positional or Explosive), Action per Zone (Defense, Midfield, Attack), Football Related Physical Stats (Distance, Percentage of Running, Sprints, Average and Maximum Speed, Moves), Performance rankings within App user along with a Possibility to challenge any App user. Other than that, after finding all the data it compares the info with official professional players.

Apart from the mentioned statistical analysis, Magicoach has 10 Hz log with less than 1.5 meter error. It can transfer the data easily via Bluetooth 4.0 to a smartphone/tablet. The wearable is capable of measuring ANT and connectivity heart-rate band measurement. Moreover, the device has 5 hour of battery autonomy.

MAGICOACH - The 1st Football GPS with Mobile App

Finally, by bringing the games and animation style training, Magicoach makes it easier to understand the data for the users’. It can be considered as the one-of-a-kind technology for the football and soccer games. It is currently up on Kickstarter with a single unit priced at $100. You can back it now to change your game experience like never before.



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