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The magic of Super Watch (E6) and Health Band (E4)


Super Watch (E6) made by Maxwell Guider Technology, is slim and sleek super watch. This watch monitors your heart health and gives on-board information without the use of any phone. Pulse, blood pressure and the combined ECG information is shown instantly on the watch to give you insights of your overall health condition. ECG generated data includes, body age, stress level, stroke risk index, mood analysis, sports and blood sugar.

ECG waveform is saved in the application, so that you can even send it to your doctor for reference. With built-in GPS, quick access to workout challenge, running, biking, swimming and multi sport functionality, you can train yourself just like a professional.

For music fanatics, playing music on Super Watch with Bluetooth headset is easy and quick. With sleep tracking and activity, Super Watch is your multi-purpose companion to help you reach fitness goal.

Following are some features of the Super Watch (E6), in a nutshell:

  • Record ECG on wrist
  • Dynamic PPG
  • Color screen
  • SOS/beacon
  • Monitor blood pressure
  • Track activity
  • GPS sports tracking in advanced model
  • Play music with Bluetooth headset


With emergence of health band (E4), getting ECG data and measuring blood pressure would not be a hassle. It not only provides with on-board bio data including blood pressure, pulse, HRV, ECG waveform but it also translates the new bio data to meaningful insights for users, like stress level, blood sugar level, fatigue, body age, mood analysis and stroke risk index. Besides health, heath band is your all-day companion that tracks your sleep and activity. The extended memory allows the incoming message and call alert to be shown in various languages.

Following are some features of the health band (E4):

  • Dynamic PPG
  • Fitness tracker
  • ECG
  • Blood pressure
  • Weather info
  • SOS/beacon
  • Social alert in multi-language
  • Call alert
  • Message alert

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