Magic Leap – The Mysterious Tech


Magic Leap is working on the future of augmented reality technology and it has released videos to give a sneak peak of what is in the making. By looking at the videos, you can easily tell that something great is coming up. It is the most exciting thing in augmented reality right now and we still don’t know exactly how it works.  It is definitely more exciting than Google Glass 2 or Microsoft HoloLens. The startup in Florida is still very secretive.

All About Magic Leap:

Magic Leap is referred to as Mixed Reality Light-field, it overlays digital three dimensional graphics onto your view of the real world via some kind of headset having smart glasses or transparent lenses. As far as we know, it projects virtual images onto the retina of user which has been describes as a digital light-field signal by the CEO of company. However, light-field can also capture the direction of each light beam hitting our eyes and also the amount of light travelling through each point in space.

The wearable has been referred to as spectacles, goggles and headset. It is not known that how it will be controlled. There is also a chance that Google wants future Glass editions to use Magic Leap’s light-field lens/chip, since Google is one of Magic Leap’s investor.

As shown in Magic Leap’s video teaser, we have got an idea of the things it wants us to use in future. Video teaser shows user opening up emails, shipping and also brushing up their mountain climbing history.

Precisely, this version of augmented reality is not only company mixed-reality technology, but right now the quality of its virtual visions has exceeded all others. In order to really understand what’s happening at Magic Leap, you need to understand the tidal wave surging through entire tech industry.

Source: Wired