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LVL band indicates your “dehydration level” and recommend you how much water to drink

LVL band
is the latest fitness tracker to appear in the crowded market. It looks like any other fitness band and performs all the basic functions you expect. However, the main purpose of the LVL band is to remind wearer to drink water and indicate his/her dehydration level.


LVL utilizes the same optical sensing technology that BSX developed for its first product, the BSXinsight, which measures lactate threshold in real time.

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The company behind the LVL band explains in the video that measuring dehydration level has been possible using a revolutionary red light technology that measures 10 time deeper into the body as opposed to using green light that is embedded in traditional devices.

The red light sensor originates from the world of medical devices where accuracy is king.

The wearable features an alert mechanism to inform wearer on the hydration level. It has a simple interface making it easy to interact with. The device sports an OLED touch screen and manual buttons on the side for additional navigation.



Like any other wearable, LVL fitness has its own proprietor app which tracks your body metrics and tells you of time when your hydration level was at its lowest. It also learns your habits to give you a better recommendation.

Availability and Pricing

The product was launched on Kickstarter to secure $50,000. It has already crossed 900% with 36 days left. The minimum early bid price was $99 however, the minimum pledge required at the time of publishing this article is $129 for one or $238 for two.

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