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Lumos Ultra Smart Helmet Manages to Raise Over 2 Million USD through Kickstarter Campaign

Lumos has come back to Kickstarter with a new helmet for bicycles which has lights, smart features and even turning indicators.

Lumos launched its first crowdfunding campaign five years ago. The original cycling helmet by Lumos made sure that you were visible while bicycling but the successor to it does an even better job in ensuring your safety and giving you better functionalities. According to Lumos, it has received a number of requests and suggestions for features to be added to this device and the startup has put in an effort to address most of these suggestions while keeping the product as affordable as they possibly can.

Lights mounted on the bike are usually not enough to ensure the visibility of the rider on busy roads. Congestion of roads has also increased largely due to huge increase in traffic and thus riders are becoming smart and what a smart rider requires is a smart bike helmet.

Lumos Ultra is rated IPX6 and it has a very light, aerodynamic shape with a light mounted in the front. It also has lights mounted on the rear which also serve the purpose of indicators while turning as well. This helmet can be charged with the help of a USB-C connection. These lights consume very little energy while still being visible enough for people from considerable distance. These lights can be controlled with the help of a remote, an Apple Watch or even through your gestures as well.

A set of three exhausts in back of the helmet keep the helmet ventilated. This helmet also just measures up to 370 grams in weight which is almost 3/4th of the original version of the Lumos smart helmet. It is also accompanied by a smartphone application which tracks your rides, and helps you in personalising your helmet while also keeping track of its battery.

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