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Lumo launches standalone Wearable For Runners

Lumo's Standalone Wearable Sensor Is A Must For Runners

Lumo is a big name in a body and wearable tech. Breaking all the records with its Lumo Run shorts and leggings, the firm is now ready to deliver more comprehensive data. The company has decided to launch a simple sensor that will pair with any shorts. Lumo sensor will deliver you the same data previous which wearables were able to do.

The Lumo sensor clips to the back of your wristband. It can be easily washed in a washing machine. The sensor measures all the data every runner will want. The users get to know their pelvic rotation, cadence, stride length and ground contact time etc.

The sensor coaches you in real time and sends you the data instantly through headphones. The new sensor also helps you in improving your running form along with reducing the chance of injuries. As far as the battery is concerned, you can run as much as your body allows because Lumo sensor stays active for one month.

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Lumo's Standalone Wearable Sensor Is A Must For Runners

To those who don’t know, Lumo has launched Lumo Lift and Lumo Run, a posture tracker and smart clothing respectively. Both of the wearables have the same sort of sensor working for the better health of all. The new sensor is a standalone device and you don’t need any piece of clothing to prove its eligibility.

Lumo, in its blog, stated that;

“We’re excited to announce that we’ve found a way to accommodate the flexibility of a stand-alone sensor that clips on to the back of any running garment while still maintaining the same level of accuracy in the data captured.”

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Lumo Run Sensor is available for pre-order for $79.99 through company’s website. As soon as the pre-orders are over, the sensor will retail for $99.99. The women’s capris are down to $99 from $169 and shorts and sensor combo costs $99 (down from $149.99).

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