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Lumo Run Sensor Improve Runner’s Form


Lumo has been absent from the front news for some time now.  However, it has yet again come back with a bang. It has just launched its Smart Running Sensor called as “Lumo Run.”  The sensor is basically meant to keep a track of the running and jogging statistics of the users. It can be paired with the Lumo’s smart pants along with any other pants you wear for your run every day.

Lumo Run Sensor is placed on a special clip which is snapped and protected so that you can tuck it in your pants back side. The sensor is switched on before running so that all the data can be collected for later use. A little light at the bottom of the sensor turns green when you are all set to go.

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After tucking the sensor properly, users will have to download the Lumo Run App. A detailed profile needs to be setup. The app will detect the sensor and will first usher the user for a ten minute test run to see their weaknesses and areas of improvement. The app will tell the users when they are pushing way too much or when they are exerting too much pressure on any area of their body.

Lumo Run Sensor tracks the pace, distance covered, running time and the running goals of the users. However, unlike many other trackers available today, it also tracks the way they execute their run or they carry themselves during jogging etc. It also prevents any kind of injuries which may occur due to improper running. Poor form or postures are the key elements of this sensor.

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Lumo Run has lab-grade biomechanic measurements. It means that you get feedback on your running bounce, cadence, braking, pelvic rotation, and drop too. There will be several coaching videos through which users will be able to improve themselves while running. The wearers will be able to get post run summaries along with artificially intelligent coach’s feedback to help you continue to improve over time.

Lumo Run Sensor is waterproof and machine washable. It has a battery life of up to 20 hours. The users can also leave their Smartphones at home during the run and later sync the data wirelessly. The Lumo Run sensor is priced at $99.99 online. If paired with the men’s shorts and women’s capris with the sensor clip, it will set you back up to $200.

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Lumo Run Sensor is best for the athletes and users striving to make all the way to first in marathons. The athletes who want to improve their cadence and strength while running can benefit too.  All in all, Lumo Run Sensor is must have for all the runners and the athletes who want to stay strong and perfect during running.

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