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Lumo Lift is an all in one posture plus activity tracker

As we have discussed many times before, a good posture is really important for healthy body and muscles. Incorrect posture can lead to mild to intense muscle spasms which are quite painful. I, myself, experienced the muscle spasm and believe me you have to go through intense pain which you won’t want to go through ever.

Lumo Lift is an all in one posture plus activity tracker

Well, now we have a device that is going to worry for us all. Lumo Body Tech needs no introduction. Therefore, the company’s Lumo Lift is something you should trust with closed eyes. Just wear the device below your collarbone and know when your posture is wrong. All the misfits of your posture are tracked by the device and informed to you.

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Lumo Lift has been built with the help of two small devices. One of them is the basic tracker and the other is a square magnetic plate. The tracker made from polycarbonate is the genius behind the wearable. It contains all the internal parts which detect the flaws in posture. The plate is responsible for keeping the Lump Lift affixed on a place around your clothes.

Lumo Lift is an all in one posture plus activity tracker

The Lumo Lift works in simple ways. Pop the device and double tap the button which indicates that you are all up for tracking. Three vibrations will buzz which means that the tracker is in position. Feed your ideal posture. All the details are then sent to you through a Smartphone app. Lumo Lift has two central functions. First being, the “align mode” which records your commonly used posture throughout the day and rates it on the perfection level. The other mode is the simple “coaching session” which keeps an eye on your position and informs you through vibration.

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Lumo Lift not only tells you about the posture but also tracks your activities and calories burned etc. It means that it has a complete fitness tracker fitted into a posture tracking wearable. The Lumo Lift encourages you to improve your positions that lead to incorrect posture. The Lift tech uses angle displacement as a precaution and the bio-mechanics tells the device whenever you are not in your idea posture.

Lumo Lift is an all in one posture plus activity tracker

The device has a lithium polymer battery which will take you to continuous five days of tracking without recharge. Moreover, there is a 32 megabyte memory, which can store up to 4 weeks of data. Lumo Lift is available in three different hues; silver, white and black. There is a default black and silver metal plate which can be paired with clasp of ten different colors.

You can order Lumo Body Lift from the official website for just $79.9.

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