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LumaFit Is Your Interactive Personal Coach And A Heart Rate Monitor

Lumafit a new 3D sensor is a simple, real health personal trainer. The new technology is aimed to be your own fitness coach. Lumafit has been designed by an Irish company with the experience in the interaction of a human body with wearable personal trainers.

Lumafit is basically a tracker that is intended to be worn behind your ear. It will monitor all your health related data and important vitals. The data will then be sent to a Smartphone app. The wearable is a single ear hook-shaped, sweat-resistant sensor that contains a small clip that you secure on the earlobe. The sensor is lightweight, around 19g so you won’t feel anything while wearing it.

LumaFit Is Your Interactive Personal Coach And A Heart Rate Monitor

While major companies are producing wrist-worn fitness trackers, Lumafit has claimed that more secure and beneficial location is your “head”. The company in a statement said;

“Wrist-worn sensors are great for step counting but give little insight into your workouts where you actually break a sweat.”

The Lumafit coach guides you through gyming, recommend you different methods of workout and mantians your schedule. Workouts range from casual 7 minutes to uber intense 40-minute bodyweight sessions. With increasing fitness the Lumafit will push you harder to get to the next level. Every exercise you perform has a 3D motion “signature”. The ear sensor by the company captures heart rate data.

LumaFit Is Your Interactive Personal Coach And A Heart Rate Monitor

Lumafit can easily track over 20 exercises including sit-ups, pressups, lunges and burps. The app gives you interactive real-time feedback while you are exercising. The app will correct your movements and postures whenever they are wrong. Lumafit also tracks your cardio gym sessions. You can get a session report including time and calories for treadmill, elliptical, rowing machine and bike.

There is also a 7 minute fitness assessment that gives you a record of your current level of cardio fitness. It also lets you know how you compare to others of your age. The free, compatible app tells you about all your details and you can watch videos to improve your form and progress.

LumaFit Is Your Interactive Personal Coach And A Heart Rate Monitor

The Lumafit contains a rechargeable battery which has up to 4 hours of battery life which will more than cover a week’s worth of 30-minute workouts. An LED indicator shows how much power is left. The tracker is rainproof and sweats proof but is not recommended for swimming.

LumaFit can be ordered from UK Amazon or from company’s official website for around $149.

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