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Lossless Bluetooth Audio by Snapdragon Sound Technology on Qualcomm Platform

Recently introduced, is the Lossless Bluetooth Audio by Snapdragon Sound Technology on Qualcomm Platform. Lossless Bluetooth Audio is a fairly new concept that is slowly on the verge of growing. Snapdragon has made its debut in this sector by introducing lossless Bluetooth audio streaming with aptX Lossless.

According to Qualcomm, they have finally been able to deliver lossless Bluetooth audio. Such audio is far more superior in quality than from any other source. Since all other sources are compressed to enable shorter bandwidth for wireless or slim designs of gadgets, this technique will certainly provide for indistinguishable sound quality. Qualcomm has named it aptX Lossless, a name that will be given to all next generation of Qualcomm’s audio format.  AptX Lossless has been designed to provide CD-quality 16-bit 44.1kHz lossless audio quality over Bluetooth.



There will be specific hardware coming in soon to support aptX Lossless. Expected to be ready by early 2022, hardware like smartphones and supporting headphones will be required.

Lossless Audio is delivered just accurately – with no loss of audio files. Many leading companies have now begun to offer lossless music libraries for streaming purposes. Following in this trend is Qualcomm, which has also announced this CD lossless audio streaming for Bluetooth earbuds and headsets.

To deliver CD lossless audio sound reliably over Bluetooth wireless technology, aptX Adaptive works in harmony with Qualcomm Bluetooth High-Speed Link technology. They collectively function to deliver sustainable output. This technology will be available in form of chips for companies to implement in their hardware designs for providing better sound quality to general consumers. This Lossless Bluetooth Audio by Snapdragon Sound Technology on Qualcomm Platform seems really promising and hopefully, till next year we will be able to actually experience this lossless audio ourselves.


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