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London Based Fitness Studio to Utilize MyZone For Its Clients

If you are still wondering how to know the efficiency level of a certain exercise while doing it, the you definitely not following the trend.

Tech geek, former professional rugby player and pilates teacher, David Kingsbury, has started this state of the art fitness studio – OPUS.

The training programs offered by Kingsbury use cutting-edge wearable tech to give their clients more realistic results.

Opus has embraced MyZone monitoring system for real-time monitoring and stats analysis of heart rate, calorie burn and individual effort level throughout the session.

According to Kingsbury, the owner and trainer at OPUS, utilizing wearables enable his clients to get results at a faster rate. “We love data. We use advanced measurement protocols to keep a watchful eye over our clients’ weight, body fat percentage, joint range of motion, lung function, blood pressure and many other health markers,” he said.

Regarding MyZone Kingsbury added, ” MyZone is an effort monitoring system which enables us to accurately track our clients’ performance live on a TV screen inside the gym. The client simply has to wear the heart rate belt whilst training and upload the results through their smartphone app — which we can see from anywhere in the world.”

With MyZone clients’ performances are accurately tracked in real-time on a TV screen inside the gym. As the fitness enthusiasts train, the data on the screen will represent their effort level, calories burnt and beats per minute.

The clients only have to strap their smart belts and update their results to the database through their smartphone app. The data can be visualized from anywhere in the world. The most amazing part of this smart wearable based fitness studio is that even the trainers can view the intensity and duration of the completed training sessions from outside of the gym.

As trainers, the most essential metrics followed, at OPUS, throughout a workout are heart rate (HR), and at what percentage of the maximum heart rate (MHR) the client is working at. These stats let a trainer as well the client gauge how much effort is being put into workout. It lets the trainers customize more productive workout approaches for their clients.

For clients referred to OPUS for any health conditions HR is an integral component of their recovery. The heart rate can not only be used to indicate the level of fitness for the client but also how quickly they are recovering.

So far, the idea and entire tech savvy setup seems like an innovative and interesting one. Where all other trainers and gyms promote fitness trackers as an option, OPUS has made it a necessity. We hope to see more such fitness studios and commercial gyms.

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