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Logitech Buys Jaybird For $50 Million To Enter Into Sports Wearables World

Logitech Buys Jaybird For $50 Million To Enter Into Sports Wearables World

Logitech has finally decided to make its big mark on the sports wearable world. This is why the company has bought the famous headphone manufacturing and sports wearable company Jaybird. The deal has been made for the whooping $50 million. It seems that Logitech is quite serious to get its share of the sports wearable tech.

Logitech isn’t a new addition to this field, as already the company has a strong audio partnership with Ultimate Ears. The aim is to produce high-tech, high-end speakers. However, Logitech in a press release has stated that the company wants to rapidly in the audio sector. But, popular rumors are that the company is more interested in Jaybird’s sensor technology rather than the simple audio business. If you couple common sense in between, you will already know that no company would spend $50 million for just a simple sports headphones manufacturing.

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Jaybird is quite famous for its Reign activity tracker. The tracker gauges and monitors the variation of heart rate very efficiently to find out if there are any chances of fatigue. It also calculates the other workout tracking statistics.

Recently, experts have been commenting on the importance of ear for using the wearable tech and finding the appropriate data. Logitech has quite seriously taken this into account. The CEO has made it clear that the wearable is the main focus of the company’s production.

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In a statement, Bracken Darell, the CEO of Logitech noted;

“As one team, we can address the fast-growing wireless audio wearables market with all the advantages of Jaybird’s strong brand and sports expertise, and our combined audio engineering and design capabilities.With both the Ultimate Ears and Jaybird brands in our portfolio, we are expanding the long-term growth potential of our music business.”

It is important to note that Logitech, as for now, is keeping Jaybird production separate. So, we cannot expect hearable or any other ear related sensors anytime soon.

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