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LinkPro’s Ski Wearable Helmet Ensures Protection And Better Communication

LinkPro Sports has come with the Explore1 ski helmet to give you better skiing experience and protect you from all sorts of head injuries. The Helmet has radio communications along with Bluetooth Smartphone connection, and RECCO avalanche protection. All the three technologies combined protect you from hazards and provide impressive outcome during high elevations.

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Explore1 helmet is a stylish helmet with all essentials of safety and communications combined together. Along with the high-end features and the modern, patented technologies the helmet is a must for all the skiers. The helmet protects the head with the help of the Multi-directional Impact Protection System (MIPS), a newer Swedish helmet technology designed to improve performance during angled impacts.

LinkPro's Ski Wearable Helmet Ensures Protection And Better Communication

Apart from the basic head protection against concussion and other injuries, Explore1 protects the skiers through an integrated RECCO reflector chip meant for aiding in avalanche search and rescue. It provides you with the sense of protection and safety, which no other helmet is capable of. It means that during avalanches and bad weather conditions, the communication will be able to help you.

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There is communications hardware, two microphones with noise canceling, and integrated speakers. There is a separate audio system with Bluetooth music playback and phone calls. There is also an integrated radio, which provides direct communications with other LinkPro helmet radios within a 1.86-mile (3-km) line-of-sight radius. For the communication with groups, there is a “communication” button on the side.

LinkPro's Ski Wearable Helmet Ensures Protection And Better Communication

All the systems fitted inside the Explore1 are powered by thermally regulated 1,000 mAh lithium battery designed to last the ski day. There is a connected Android and iOS app which provides you with all the data, control settings and remaining battery indication.

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The LinkPro helmet is currently up on Kickstarter. The pledged goal is £100,000, out of which £48,042 has been raised. With 8 days to go, let’s see if this helmet shines on the head of skiers or not. If all goes as planned, deliveries will begin in December 2016.


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