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Light up your trails with Cerovo’s exclusive Snowboard bindings

Light up your trails with Cerovo's exclusive Snowboard bindings

Snowboarding is also turning into a popular activity and a pastime sports, worldwide. Especially, the snow-covered areas and regions are filled with tourists to have some fun with snowboarding and skiing etc. Similarly, this niche is also not left untouched by the wearable industry.

Cerovo, a company, has just released its Xon Snow-1 smart bindings. The bindings are meant to turn all the devices into connected devices. The binding has opened up various possibilities in the snowboarding area. It includes balance tracking which is more advanced and better than the stereotypical stats tracking. There are four different load-balance pressure sensors in the sole of the binding. The sensors are meant to monitor your weight distribution on both sides, so you don’t face a hazardous fall. Also, there are two strip sensors the measure the flex of the board. The strip sensors will be beneficial to all those who prefer one leg over another, which totally defies all the principles of basic snowboarding.

Light up your trails with Cerovo's exclusive Snowboard bindings

The Xon Snow-1 bindings can be connected to your iPhone or iPod through Bluetooth 4.0. On your Smartphone, you can see all the measurements of the weight distribution and flex via Xon app. The app apart from you results will also show you speed, distance, acceleration and altitude etc. With the help of GPS, the binding will also trace your route and will keep a note of it.

There is one thing important here, the max weight preferred for the rider wearing the binding is 220 lbs. So, overweight people we are extremely sorry. You would have to suffice without the bindings. So Sad!

Light up your trails with Cerovo's exclusive Snowboard bindings

The purpose of the LED lights is to shine from the heel and toe and to change the hues while getting the data from the load sensors. This way, you can get to know about your posture without consulting your Smartphone from time to time. You can jealous all the fellows who don’t have such amazing tech and a light on the evening runs won’t do harm, anyway.

The Xon Snow-1 bindings take 3 hours to charge. It will run for 7 hours straight depending on your LED use. The bindings also connect to upcoming Xon series gear like the Rec-1 sport camera, and the Bone-1 headphones, both launching in 2016.

Light up your trails with Cerovo's exclusive Snowboard bindings

The Snow-1 is available for hefty price tag of $580. It is available in medium and large sizes from Amazon and also from Cerevo’s online store.


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