Thursday, February 22, 2024

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LifeBeam Launches Its Voice Activated AI Trainer Vi

Vi is a personal trainer developed by Life Beam. It is unlike any other exercise related tech gadget because it is first of its kind personalized artificial intelligence trainer. The biometric earphones come with voice commands along with its other sensitive functions. The biosensors are powered by Harman Kardon. So you can now easily keep in check with Vi during your training.

It adapts to your environment, physiology and your workout routines to help you achieve your goals. It will keep you motivated towards your goals and will coach you into smarter health routines.

Life Beam coming out with a pair of biometric earphones which are essential and serve a great purpose in improving your cycling, running or training. This AI personal trainer is a breakthrough in science pushing the boundaries of creating better life for humans forward.

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The first of its kind voice activated personal trainer converses with its users. It asks if it’s pronouncing their names correctly. It is elicited with voice commands such as “Vi how am I doing?”

Vi responds to the user’s statistics. It tracks cadence, heart rate, calories, speed, steps and distance. It analyses the data to develop personalized coaching feedbacks. It has a battery life of a whole day so you can enjoy them for your various other activities too.

According to the CEO of LifeBEAM, Omri Yoffe, “Vi is not like anything people will have heard or seen before. She is a listening, talking trainer that is aware of a person’s surroundings, physiology and activities inside and outside of workout sessions. Our vision is to build the best AI companion for body and mind. The natural first step was delivering an amazing voice-centric running experience, but we are already exploring opportunities to bring Vi to other devices and health and wellness settings.”

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Vi can also be connected to the third party apps to better assess your activities and body, these apps include Apple HealthKit, Strava and Google Fit etc. Vi is available now at Getvi for $249.

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