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“Life Vest”: A Vest that save lives

Health and well-being is the most important element in everyone’s life. Especially, parents never wish for their children to go through serious disease or problems. However, heart problems and cardiovascular issues are increasing day by day.

Wearables are fusing themselves slowly but appropriately in our lives. FDA has also been active in endorsing and approving wearables that are related to health and the betterment of everyone. There is fortunately tip-top news for parents of children with heart diseases. FDA is endorsing a wearable defibrillator for children till eight years of age called Life Vest.

"Life Vest"; A Vest that save lives

The wearable is meant for such kids who are unable to implant pacemaker due to other health issues. For children who have a risk of severe sudden cardiac arrest, Life Vest fills the gap. The Vest is manufactured by a Pittsburgh company called Zoll Manufacturing Corp.

The Vest is made of an electrode belt that weighs around 12 pounds. The belt is adjusted at the patient’s chest and there is a monitor on a waist. Both are hidden under the clothing. Under the conditions when the Life Vest detects the problems like arrhythmia, it will deliver a sudden shock which can restore the normal heart rate of a patient within no time.

"Life Vest"; A Vest that save lives

In case of children around eight years, the wearer should have a chest circumference of at least 26 inches and a weight of 41 pounds. Life Vest is not a first defibrillator available for kids. But, it is the first wearable ever made. The Vest also provides continuous heart rate monitoring for the satisfaction of parents. As per the FDA testing, a clinical test was performed on 248 children between three years old and 17 at risk for sudden cardiac arrest. The testing and the appropriate result became the reason of strong approval by the FDA.

There are many different versions of the device which were approved earlier. The earliest version was approved for eighteen years old patients in 2001. Later, many different versions were improved consecutively in 2002, 2006 and 2009. December 17, 2015 marks the first clearance ever for children.

Life Vest is a great initiative both in wearable and health industry. Such wearables not only prove their importance but represent the true value of technology in our everyday’s life.

Read more on ZOLL Life Vest.

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