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LID – Innovation in Safety Helmets

LID Helmets a London based start-up company, are launching their first ever helmet. This helmet is unique in the sense that it can be folded from a wearable size to an easy-to-carry size. It helps the urban cyclists to carry the helmet without any hassle. One more great thing about the LID Helmet is that is manufactured from recycled materials.

Bicyclists often complain about how the helmets are an inconvenience to carry around everywhere and are usually unfashionable. With our motto coined ‘Safety with Convenience’ we at LID Helmet believe that protection and expedience of helmets should not be separated.

LID Helmet manufacturers have tried to address some of the common problems mentioned above that bicyclists face. As there has been a worldwide increase in daily commute on cycles, the hassle of carrying and storing the helmet in a safe place is an inconvenience that is yet to be solved.

With all of this going on and personally witnessing a cyclist in London take a fall, Sam Terry decided to design and develop an Eco-friendly helmet which could also be fold-able to size suitable to carry without sacrificing the integrity of safety a helmet provides.

Contrary to most of the campaigns at Kickstarter, LID is through their developmental phase and are set for the manufacturing process. The Kickstarter campaign is being launched to generate funding for tooling costs in order to assemble the helmets in various sizes and that includes a kids’ range too.

Sam Terry the pioneer of LID helmets in an interview stated,”If you look at cycling trends over the last 5-10 years, there’s been a transition. 10 years ago, there were a few commuter cyclists and they mostly wore Lycra, now cyclists are prominent and they’re riding bike-hire, folding bikes and fixies and wearing the urban cycling ranges by Gant, Levi and Rapha. The roads have changed too with cycle lanes and bike-hire…the only thing that hasn’t moved on is helmets. LID is looking to answer the needs of the urban cyclist. It fits with the lifestyle of commuters and has a great profile.”

LID Helmet had been a side venture for a period of many years until Terry decided to fully dedicate his time to the making of this product and left his established career in finance. His aim was to not only solve the issues faced by the bicyclists but to also encourage more and more commuters to take cycles instead of vehicles running on fuel. 

The year 2017 marks the 200th anniversary of bicycles, hence it symbolizes what a great invention they have been and to rediscover the potential in them and to promote cycling.

Terry said,“The environmental and health benefits are undeniable and cycling is the answer for a sustainable future for cities around the globe.”

LID will first be launched on Crowdfunding and after that the consumers can in touch with the company through their official website. Other than that, it will be available on Amazon and a handful of independent bike shops in big cities. LID Helmet will be available in five different colours with a clip-on light that can attached at the rear of the helmet for easy cycling in the dark.

Things You Need to Know About the LID Helmet:

  • The Helmet’s safety has been tested and certified by both European (EN1078) and North American (CPSC) standards.
  • The helmets are manufactured the recycled ‘Expanded Polystyrene (EPS)’ which is the key component of the safety helmets.
  • LID Helmet is different in quite a few aspects from other fold-able helmets, in that it has no hassling clips or locks in it, you just simply have to pull it apart to get a wearable size. Moreover, many pieces have been put together to make a complete LID Helmet which makes it adjustable to different shapes and sizes of head of various consumers.  
  • LID will be launched in the following sizes: Medium and Large (55-58cm). However, with more funding the company will be able to launch the helmet in a Small and an Extra Large size.
  • LID will be in available for £75, €85 and $99. The backers at Crowdfunding will be given a one-time introductory discount for the helmet.
  • It will initially be available in European and North American countries.

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