Monday, September 18, 2023

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Let’s have Wearathon …

We are looking to partner with enthusiastic individuals and companies to organize the first ever “fittest of all” competition “Wearathon”.

The idea of Wearathon is derived from Marathon with a small twist. The winner is not just based on the timing but it is based on a fine tuned algorithm that logically provides us with a winner using the sensors in the wearable device.

wearathlonObviously, have a wearable would be the only main requirement for this competition but with growing number of individuals and athletes keeping track of their of fitness via a wearable device, we don’t see a problem. Furthermore, with companies like StrapHQ that can connect with several wearable devices and is already providing intelligence, it should be a fairly easy to compare the sensor output of variable wearable brands.

If you are like our concept and want to help materialize this, then feel free to contact us and we can arrange a meeting to discuss the next steps. More the better!

We look forward for hearing from you soon!

Ali Yaqoob
Passionate about transforming data into science!

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