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Lenovo’s Smart Band Cardio 2 is the User-friendly Smart Wristband You Are Looking for

This smart band by Lenovo incorporates a heart beat sensor and monitors your heart rate round the clock.

This smart wristband, called Smart Band Cardio 2 HX06H, is the latest smart band released by Lenovo. Fairly new to the market of smart wearables with only about a year’s experience in it, Lenovo has been pushing its boundaries to create a space for itself in this industry. This Smart wrist band is a step in this direction of progress. Smart Band Cardio 2 only costs 1,499 Indian Rupees on Amazon which makes it fall in the category of budget wearables. Smart Band Cardio 2’s features make it stand out of all other wearables in this category. These features include a heart beat senor that senses your heart rate round the clock. On top of that, a 20 days battery life with 100 mAh capacity and water resistance up to 5 ATM takes it a notch above any other wrist band in this price range.

Water resistance in Smart Band Cardio 2 makes it a very useful accessory to be used during workouts in rain and swimming. It can survive being submerged in to water for up to 50 meters. It can also provide info about a number of activities including running, cycling, walking without keeping the user from texting or making any calls from the connected device. This smart wrist band also tracks your sleep and event lets you know about the amount of time you had a deep or light sleep for. The algorithm in this device for counting steps is highly accurate as well.

Smart Band Cardio 2 is supported by all Android devices running Android Lollipop and above and IOS 8.0 and higher. It’s USB charging port can connect it directly to the computer for charging and it’s soft band is very skin friendly and makes it hardly noticeable on wrists while wearing.

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