Lenovo’s Running Shoes Will Be Athlete’s Paradise


Lenovo, during the Tech World Event held in San Francisco the previous week, unveiled a pair of new Smart running shows. Lenovo’s new Smart shoes are the first installment to the “The Smart Moving Platform”. This platform is built in with the partnership of Lenovo, Vibram, and BJDW (Beijing Design Week) that was started back in 2014.

The runner’s paradise by the company is absolutely the fitness tracker we dreamt of and that too without any extra baggage. It means that the users won’t have to carry along any sort of hardware to know their data and fitness details. Lenovo’s Running shoes work irrespective of the absence of Smartphone or wristband connectivity. The Running shoes are much similar to the mainstream running shoes available today, but, are simple in their graceful yet average way.

Lenovo's Running Shoes Will Be Athlete's Paradise

The detailed specifications and the features of these uber-glam shoes haven’t been completely announced yet. However, some of the revealed features include the number of calories burned, the steps taken by the runner, and the ability of the shoes to work as a game controller too. The Running shoes will also have fit in LED lights which will glow when the wearer is running in the dark. Additionally, the lights also control the foot movement and have music interaction.

Lenovo hasn’t revealed the details of the ‘star feature’ of the shoes that is the “Foot Movement Control”. We can assume that this feature might apply somewhere between the wearer running or dance or it would be sports focused. Obviously, running shoes tend to serve the sports professionals mostly and feet are the essentials of such games.

Lenovo's Running Shoes Will Be Athlete's Paradise

Lenovo’s latest technology is the testament of genius thinking and its collaboration into the wearable sports and fitness technology. The shoes will help in detailed workouts and running. What’s important is that you would never forget to wear shoes, unlike wristbands, while leaving the house.

Lastly, only the prototype of the shoes has been revealed yet. The details regarding price and launch date are yet to be announced.


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