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Lenovo E1: The Smartwatch That You Need!

Lenovo E1: The Smartwatch That You Need!

Our fast-paced lifestyle has encouraged us to neglect our health. Despite the increased knowledge we have of fitness and the importance of a healthy lifestyle, the strenuous working hours and sleep schedules do not allow us to develop a habit of selfcare.

Though people now have started taking help from smart watches and fitness bands to inculcate a healthier lifestyle. But this comes at a very huge price. The wearables available these days cost more than most people can afford which might be a set back on their attempts at a healthy life.


Lenovo E1

Lenovo E1 is the solution! Cheap and affordable, this device Everything you may need and more.

The design

The E1 has a single-hand control design for comfortable use when exercising. It has a silicon strap which makes it easier to wear for a long period of time. The device also has a heart rate monitor and a sleep tracker. And can generate a health status report.

E1 has a thoroughly protected screen with an adaptation to 7H hardness and 2.5D glass mirror treatment.  This prevents any scratches or fingerprints.


The watch has seven sports modes including running, walking, cycling, etc. E1 comes with a built-in 180mAh battery that delivers 10 days of battery life, and 25 days standby time.

Buy Now!

If you are interested in buying this amazing piece of technology at a reasonable price head down to Gearbest. They provide the best discount offers. E1 when usually available at $49.99, at the online store is available at $39.99.

Go and grab yours now!

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