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Latest Software update On FitBit Ionic Is Capable of Bricking the Device


Several users of FitBit reported a huge issue regarding the latest update provided by FitBit. A coupon with 25% off has been issued by FitBit in response to those who have their warranties expired.

Version 4.1.3 of FitBit OS, which was released for FitBit Versa, FitBit Versa 2 and FitBit Versa Lite, dealt with some issue and fixed some bugs initially but it managed to cause a few serious problems for most Versa users. Most of these problems revolved around the device being incapable of properly communicating with the smartphone application and draining battery a lot faster.

However these problems are nothing as compared to the problems faced by FitBit Ionic users who are reporting their devices being bricked by version 4.1.2 of FitBit OS. This renders the devices to be completely useless.

Users of FitBit Ionic affected by this problem can try to hard reset their devices to try their luck. It can be done by long pressing Bottom (Right) and back (Left) buttons on the Smart Watch simultaneously until the FitBit Logo appears on their screen. This normally takes no more than 10 seconds. Users must stop pressing the buttons as soon as the logo appears. Another option to do a hard reset is selecting the options available in about menu. Obviously this options depends on the condition whether your display screen is responsive.

“We have not seen any new significant issues with the latest firmware update. We always aim to deliver a positive experience for our customers and our team continually responds to issues, checks device and system analytics, and captures devices for analysis when necessary. We urge any customers experiencing difficulties with their Ionic to contact Customer Support for assistance.”

Latest software update on FitBit Ionic has not been made available to all device yet but when it finally makes an appearance, the users must be cautious before installing it.