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Latest Running Shoes Technology That Has Changed The Running World Altogether!

These are the times when the latest Running Shoe Technology has changed the world of running and flat racing altogether! Changed for good, transformed forever. The olden days of yore had flat but lightweight shoes with not much effort on cushioning for the soles, and those days are literally over.

Now are the days when carbon technology has popped up and is being implemented in designing running shoes. These shoes incorporated with this new type of technology are definitely doing much better and the results are in front of our eyes as previous Olympics records have been broken by athletes wearing such shoes, recently. These shoes have not only made them run faster, but also perform better in the long term.

Previously, popular brands including Nike, Adidas, and Asics were focusing on creating lightweight shoes and thought that this was the feature that would allow a faster run by the athlete. In fact, research indicated heavier shoes cause the runner to expend more energy, thereby becoming slower in pace.

However, with added research and investigation, Nike came up with the Zoom Vapor Fly 4%, way back in 2017. The special thing about those shoes was the presence of carbon plates sandwiched between a soft, thick foam in the midsole. Later, it came up with Nike AlphaFly with carbon plates acting like a spring, superlight mesh, or socks like upper and a medium to high heel-to-toe drop.

Also, thinner rubber is being used now, and only on the high contact areas of the shoes to make them be lighter in weight. Brands like Puma Deviate Nitro, Asics MetaSpeed Sky, and Edge have already incorporated thin rubber in their designs. However, there is a chance that thinner rubber will affect the life of the shoe, and wear out will be faster. Previously, athletes would use their new shoes for racing, after some time use the same shoes for gym practice and regular walking sessions. but nowadays, these shoes are not very durable. Especially because the presence of this sturdy carbon plate makes it unsuitable for everyday usage.

With such new and latest Running Shoes Technology incorporated in racing shoes nowadays, hopefully, we will be able to witness some superb performances by racers and athletes across the world. 


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