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Latest Football Wearable Smart Shin Guards Will Definitely Boost Team Performance

The latest Football Wearable Smart Shin Guards are to be launched really soon.

Soccerment, the Italian sports tech company, is about to launch its new protective gear that features smart shin guards. These can not only capture videos but have the potential to take you even beyond that!

According to the founder of Soccerment, Aldo Comi, “Shin Guards are actually very perfectly positioned to collect biometrical data about performance”.

Smart Shin Guards In A Glance:

  • lightweight, device less than 100g
  • The battery gives life for 4 matches with LiFePO4 technology
  • Sensors – 3D Accelerometer, 3D gyroscope, 3D magnetometer
  • Connectivity via BlueTooth/ USB Type C

Made with extra-tough and elastic polymers, these shin guards can even store data to be downloaded via Bluetooth once play has stopped. Its double protection layer protects the electric component inside it.

An individual wearing a smart shin guard can not only analyze his own performance but also improve upon his soccer skills. The shin guards have the ability to compare and match the position of a certain player with the performance of another player. Also, it can suggest where the player needs to work upon like if he must work on building his shot power perhaps.

As a team, the whole lot can benefit by using these shins. In fact, these will provide a complete solution during the match or during any training sessions. They can record and analyze data and evaluate the probability of an action having a successful outcome.

smart shin guards for football

The most important function of this wearable is to monitor and compare the technical performances of the athletes using smart visualization tools. The output obtained is sound information comprehensive in nature for each of the team players. This information can be used by the player himself, and also their coach and manager.

According to Comi, “This new wearable will be able to provide the user with advanced metrics like expected goals, pass completion and assists”. These Football wearable smart shin guards have already been tested upon and now they have headed for international markets. Soccerment is offering its hardware and software platform for a monthly fee subscription.


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